I have a very strong testimony, regarding the blessings which come into our lives, from attending the Lord’s temples.  I also possess a firm conviction that answers to prayers and miracles are sent directly from Heaven, when names are placed, (with faith), upon the temple prayer rolls. In essence, the temples are like a part of Heaven here amidst us, upon this darkened earth. We have experienced many miracles in our family, from faithfully attending the temple and from family members’  names being on the prayer rolls of the temple.

Listen to my latest song, “Temple Blessings”,  found in my FREE Music album, & the Relief Society album, (for a limited time, only), because this song will be in Volume Two of The Songs of Holiness Series. 

 *(I was inspired to add a new verse and a bridge to the original version. Hopefully, it will be on the website by this weekend,  Aug. 9th. Those of you, who have already downloaded the sheet music, may have wondered why the recording differs from the written music. Well, this is the reason.)

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