Women of Strength

Women of strength, women of righteousness, women of courage, women of charity, true women of Zion; that’s what the Lord needs in these latter days!  What specific things do you do each day, that help you meet the challenges of this hectic, competative world; where  evil  stares you boldly in the face at every turn?  How do you build your self esteem and remember your true self worth?  How often do you have to stop and remind yourself that you, indeed, are a beloved and cherished daughter of your Heavenly Father, who loves you? Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Stephanie  singing, “Daughters of God Above”,  in the YW and YM  and the Relief Sociey Albums.  It’s a beautiful voice singing us a reminder of these truths.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We, as women, are so bombarded by the worldly exploitations and the “evil designs men”. It’s so easy to get caught up in comparing ourselves with others and in tearing ourselves down and also putting others down. “As sisters in Zion”, we should be the most modest, beautiful, industrious, Christ like women upon the face of the earth.

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