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Ciuta says:
This is absolutely perfect. Thanks a lot, I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time.

Qaya says:
 Thanks for this. It really helped me out!

Tony says: You’ve done a great job creating such a sharp, clean website! Way to go!

 Melissa says: This is a great idea! And I love your music and I love your testimony! Thanks for sharing!!!

 1childofGod says:  Hi, I read the comments on the Hymn Be Still My Soul, and that too is the song I turn to for comfort and peace. Where Can I Turn for Peace is another one that Helps me through depression or despair! And the song More Holiness Give Me is the hymn that helps me be more prayerful. I would love to hear arrangements on these songs…. It is a beautiful website and the music is very inspiring. (A new arrangement of More Holiness Give Me has been added, since this comment)

Richard says:  Sharon . . . so good to “discover” your website. My latest favorite hymn is CALLED TO SERVE. I can imagine a group of missionaries singing this song, accompanied by a small group of “Tubas” to add emphasis. I still get choked up thinking of this song as we were putting “our missionary” in the MTC…Thanks for asking. . .

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