Our wonderful, eldest son became extremely fatigued and mysteriouly ill, beginning on New Year’s Eve;  getting steadily worse for the following  6 days. He took two trips to the doctor, two trips to the hospital emergency, and underwent all kinds of tests to determine what was wrong with his body. All of the tests came out negative, and yet at one point, his entire left side became numb, and after that, he went into shock. He felt like his life was literally slipping away. Through family fasting and prayer, having his name on many temple prayer rolls, and through Priesthood blessings, (particularly the blessing of healing  his Bishop and his counselors gave him), the illness left his body, and he has regained his strength. His is the unique voice you hear singing, “Priesthood Power“. Now, more than ever, he is a witness of Priesthood power. This song is found in my Young Women/Young Men Album, as well as in Volume Two, “The Hope Of His Glory“.

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