I’ve noticed that  people are always searching for funeral songs. Here are some very good ideas ~ to be found on my website: “Abide With Me, Tis Eventide“, “Precious Savior, Dear Redeemer“, “Because of The Love“, (in Vol. Two, “The Hope Of His Glory”; sung by my daughters Stephanie and Melissa), and “Pastoral Psalm“, (many peoples’ favorite and a new arrangement, using the lyrics to “The Lord Is My Shepherd”).  One of my upcoming volumes will consist strictly of funeral songs.


  1. Noelani says:

    I used to sing at funerals quite often, both LDS and non-LDS. One old stand by is “The Lord’s Prayer”. Another I have sung a lot is “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, from the musical “Carousel”. For my grandfather’s funeral, I sang “Amazing Grace”, which was his favorite hymn. “Oh Divine Redeemer” was one that I sang, back when I was in better shape for singing.

    There is also one I recommend avoiding. I have only heard of it once, and that was at my son’s funeral. I didn’t know if I would be physically capable of singing at his funeral, so I asked a friend to sing something. I did end up singing the Brahm’s lullaby that I sang to him hundred of time, when we was small. The German text actually lends itself to a funeral very well.

    My friend sang “An Early Goodbye”. It was a beautiful song and she sang it well, but it was so depressing that I wanted to leave the chapel! The message, to me, was essentially “All your hopes and dreams for your child are now as dead as he is”. For weeks after the funeral, I was plagued with the words of it going through my head. I know my friend meant well and I certainly didn’t say anything about how I felt about it, to her or anyone else, in case it might get beck to her. But, I’ve looked for places to comment about it, hoping to prevent anyone else from unintentionally adding pain to someone who is burying a loved one who is young.

    Now, I should also say that it might be as bad in a case where a young child has died of a terminal illness, where one might see the hand of God in it. But, in the case of a grown son, whose younger siblings were present and did everything they possibly could, to no avail, it was hurtful, not helpful.

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