Hello, World! I’m finally blogging again! After a couple of years of not being able to do much with my
sacred LDS music, beginning this last November, 2012, new music and lyrics began flowing again and
coming almost too rapidly for me to keep up with the creative inspiration. This is the reason so many
new songs have been put up on the first page of my website under News and Highlights.
Three new original Christmas songs came to me prior to Christmas, just in time for the season:
“Christmas Promises”, “ Did You Hear the Angels Singing?”, (for SATB Choir and free sacred sheet
music), and the one that seems to be many peoples’ favorite, “Christmas Peace”, a duet or two part
choral number, which was recorded by my youngest son, Jacob, and his wife, Jessica, (who have been
married now for just over one year). It was a joy recording their beautiful voices that blend so perfectly
Next I wrote a new, nontraditional hymn arrangement of, “I Know That My Redeemer Lives” for duet or
two part Choir. Jacob and Jessica have also recorded this one, and the recording will soon be up on my
website. This is free LDS sheet music about testimony, Jesus Christ’s resurrection, and the comfort of
Christ’s Atonement in our personal lives.
Several years ago I wrote a new solo or duet nontraditional arrangement of “The Lord’s Prayer”, which
was recently recorded and which my Webmaster put up on my ldssacredsongs website. This is such a
beloved New Testament text with a versatility enabling it to be performed in sacrament meetings, stake
conferences, funerals, and concert settings.

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