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The Hope of His Glory

1.) I Pray For A Home

Written for SATB, SSA, or Solo and Piano, (and also found under Choir Arrangements), this song expresses our longings for our Heavenly Home and for a loving, happy, peaceful home here on earth; and how a fullness of blessings lies in store in the Kingdom of Heaven for those who live righteously and endure to the end.

2.) Jesus Loves The Precious Little Children

For Solo and Piano, with an Optional Flute Duet, this is an inspiring, tender song about the importance of Jesus' little ones, His love and concern for them, and our roles in teaching, nurturing, and protecting them. (also found under Primary and Children's Arrangements and the Relief Society Album)

3.) Daughters of God Above

For Solo or Duet and Piano, this song was written and performed originally for a Stake Women's Relief Society Conference in Arizona. It speaks of the knowledge that every daughter of God should posses: that we are daughters of our Heavenly Father, who loves us; and that ours is an extremely important mission here upon this earth. (also found in the Young Women’s/Young Men’s Album)

4.) Music Sweeter Than We've Ever Heard

This melodious, original song, tells about the sweetest happiness we can ever experience here on earth or in the heavens: the love and joy, which can be found in "forever" family relationships. This is written in a Solo and Piano format.

5.) Home Again

Originally written and performed for a Stake Conference setting, this Duet says it all: the whole purpose we were sent to this earth, the comfort and help we can receive during life's trials, through the Savior's Atonement, and the way to return back to our Heavenly Home. This inspirational musical number is offered in two versions together; Solo or Duet, as well as in SATB Choir, (parts only), format. The accompanist uses the Solo/Duet version to accompany the choir.

6.) This Mother's Prayer

Every loving Mother, who prays and yearns for her children's safety in this wicked world, (both temporally and spiritually), must surely feel the same innermost yearnings and love expressed from a mother's heart, (this mother's heart), in this moving Art Song, written for Solo and Piano.

7.) While I May

This song portrays a loving mother’s emotions, regarding motherhood and her hopes and dreams for her little ones. (written for Voice and Piano and also found in the Relief Society Album)

8.) Forever With My Family

Here is a new song about families for children, both young and old; and which simply tells of our desires to live together forever with our families and loved ones and the requirements for this blessing. (also in the Primary and Children’s Album)

9.) Nowhere Else On Earth

A happy, delightful, song, inspiring love and unity within our families, “Nowhere Else On Earth” has been our family theme song for as long as I can remember. (Also found in the Primary and Children’s Album, as well as the Relief Society Album)

10.) Please Bless The Children

Although very short, “Please Bless The Children” touches the soul and fills us with loving and protective feelings for the Lord's little ones. Written for Voice and Piano, with a flowing Violin Obbligato, it is also found in my Relief Society Album and Primary and Children’s Album.

11.) Priesthood Power

Priesthood bearers can now sing their own song about the power of the Priesthood of God and about the blessings of the Priesthood; which reach into the eternities. (also in the Young Women’s/Young Men’s Album)

12.) Of Such Precious Worth

This song speaks of the important knowledge that all of us, as literal children of God, need to have: that we are of such precious worth and so important in His sight. This song will also be in the Young Women’s/Young Men’s Album.

13.) Because of The Love

Written for my own beloved father’s funeral, this song expresses gratitude for saintly, loving parents and their teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and how through remaining righteous, we can be reunited again with our parents after death.

14.) Young Women's Mission

An inspiring song with poignant lyrics, written for Young Women's Voices and Piano, with Optional Flute Duet (also in the Young Women’s/Young Men’s Album)

15.) Blessed Am I

A delicate, stirring song for this Christmas and every Christmas to come; depicting how Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, must have felt at the birth of her baby, the literal Son of God; written for Women's Solo or SSA voices (found also in the Christmas Album)

16.) Temple Blessings

When we remain temple worthy and attend the sacred House of the Lord, our lives are blessed beyond measure, and our families are more readily delivered from the powers of the adversary. This song bears testimony of the bounteous blessings of temple worship and is written for Solo and Piano. (also in the Relief Society Album)