About Us - Who is Sharon Austad Bagley

This Sacred Music

The music in the volumes of "The songs of Holiness Series" is fully referenced to the scriptures to support its doctrinally correct lyrics and to encourage scripture study and growth in each gospel concept referenced within each song.

This Website

This site differs from other sacred music websites, in that each song is accompanied with a performance recording to give the singers, pianists, and conductors an idea of the proper tempo, as well as additional performance suggestions. The hymn arrangement recordings consist of instrumentals without voices - to give just a basic idea of how they should sound.

About the voices

Thus far, the voices recorded are mine, my children's: (Stephanie Gibson, Melissa Miller, Norman Bagley, Anamarie Barlow, Mariella Yates, (whose violin talents were also used), Amanda Nay, Laura Billman, and Jacob Bagley), my Son in Law, Joseph Billman, my granddaughter, Lindsy Sue Billman, age 4, singing "Nowhere Else On Earth" and "One Bright Star", my 9 year old grandson singing "I Know Who I Am", and my granddaughter Hannah Gibson at age 9, singing "Constant Companion".

This Music's Mission and Purpose

Regarding this music and its lyrics, they are gifts from the Lord. My only desire is to be an instrument in His hands and for this music to fulfill its purpose and mission which is: to bear witness of Jesus Christ and HIs Atonement and to help prepare the Saints spiritually for HIs Second Coming. I hope and pray that you will enjoy this music. It has taken a tremendous amount of work to get it to this point.