1.) Daughters of God Above
Original Solo with intermediate piano accompaniment; written for a Stake Relief Society Conference
2.) Angels
A lovely, original song with a haunting melody and an important message about our mission to love and serve one another; for women's voices and intermediate piano
3.) Please Bless The Children
An Original Sacred Art Song for Voice and Piano
4.) Jesus Loves the Precious Little Children
A tender, original song about the importance of Jesus' little ones and our roles in teaching and protecting them
5.) Nowhere Else On Earth
A happy, new song, inspiring love and unity within our families. Listen to little 4 year old Lindsy Sue singing this delightful song.
6.) Temple Blessings
Listen to the beauty of temple blessings in this new, original song for Voice and Piano or Harp Keyboard.
7.) For A Moment
A sweet, peaceful funeral song; bringing comfort in the loss of a baby or young child
8.) I Pray For A Home
Written for SATB, SSA, or Solo and Piano, this song expresses our longings for our Heavenly Home and for a loving, happy, peaceful home here on earth; and how a fullness of blessings lies in store in the Kingdom of Heaven for those who live righteously and endure to the end.
9.) From My Heart
A new song for R.S. Visiting Teaching Conference about serving our sisters with all our hearts; written for Solo or SSA voices
10.) Enduring To The End
In this world so filled with confusion and escalating evil, we must remember that we, too, are pioneers as we remain true to the gospel of Jesus Christ and endure to the end in righteousness. (Recording coming soon)