Arrangements for use as solos and duets
1.) Jesus, Savior, I Come Unto Thee
A new, original sacred song for voice and piano.
2.) Jesus Is My Friend
No matter what we may pass through in this life, there is one True Friend who cares and understands and who will never forsake us; and it is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
3.) Precious Savior Dear Redeemer
A beautiful new hymn arrangement composed by Sharon's daughter, Melissa Bagley Miller.
4.) Send Down Thy Spirit
For Voice and Piano How we strive daily to do the Lord's will and earnestly seek His spirit for comfort, direction, sanctification, and enduring to the end
5.) Promise of Peace
For Solo or Duet and Piano That regardless of the turbulence in our lives and in this world, through faith and trust in God, we can find true peace and feel the Savior's love
6.) Upon The Wings of His Spirit
For Voice and Piano Based on the Psalm of Nephi; the feelings of inadequacy each of us know at times and how as we put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ, we receive inspiration and gifts from the spirit, as well as strength and power beyond our own abilities
7.) Jesus Loves The Precious Little Children
A tender, original song about the importance of Jesus' little ones and our roles in teaching and protecting them
8.) Through The Prince of Peace
Vocal Solo with Piano or Optional Celeste Accompaniment The sweet relief from sorrow, comfort, peace, joy and love we feel through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
9.) God Still Rules The Heavens
An original Solo about how amidst every sorrow, affliction, and withheld blessing here, we can have the certain knowledge that God still reigns and that He will fulfill all of His promises to us through His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ
10.) Living Waters
A Solo about the importance of living water from heaven for the renewal of our souls; for comfort and peace, and for daily spiritual guidance
11.) Temple Blessings
Written for Solo and Piano or Harp Keyboard, a new song bearing testimony of the bounteous blessings of temple worship, (also in the Relief Society Album)
12.) No Greater Friends
Written for Two Part Voices and Piano, a song expressing the yearnings each of us feel to belong, to feel loved, to know who we really are; and remembering where we came from and who our truest friends will forever be - our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ
13.) Constant Companion
For Voice and Piano (Also found under Primary and Children) about the priceless gift of the Holy Ghost and the blessings we receive as we remain worthy of his constant companionship
14.) Humble Prayer
A Duet or Solo explaining how through humble, soul-searching prayer and repentance, we gain access to the Savior's merciful Atonement in our personal lives and can know true joy and happiness
15.) Answers
A song for solo or SSA Women's Voices about how we receive answers to our prayers and the importance of exercising our complete faith and trust in God and in our Savior, Jesus Christ
16.) Christ's Love For Me
A melodic Solo for voice and piano, with optional organ or harp keyboard accompaniment about how we feel true peace, comfort, and the love of Jesus Christ, our personal Savior, as we apply His infinite Atonement in our lives
17.) Because of The Love
A song originally written for a righteous parent's funeral, and which expresses gratitude for saintly, loving parents and their teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and how through remaining righteous, we can be reunited again with our parents after death.
18.) Nowhere Else On Earth
A happy, delightful, song, inspiring love and unity within our families, (our family - theme song, and also found in the Primary and Children's Album, as well as the Relief Society Album)
19.) Please Bless The Children
A prayer from the heart for the Lord's precious little ones
20.) Daughters of God Above
An original Solo with Intermediate Piano accompaniment; about our mission as women; originally written and performed for a Stake Relief Society Conference
21.) Music Sweeter Than We've Ever Heard
A melodious song written in Solo and Piano format, telling about the sweetest happiness we can ever experience here on earth or in the heavens: the love and joy, which can be found in "forever" family relationships.
22.) Come And Be Baptized
An original sacred Art Song for Voice and Piano about the importance of being baptized
23.) Blessed Am I
A delicate, stirring song for this Christmas and every Christmas to come; depicting how Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, must have felt at the birth of her baby, the literal Son of God; written for Women's Solo or SSA voices
24.) Priesthood Power
A song about the power of the Priesthood of God and about the blessings of the Priesthood; which reach into the eternities, (also in the Young Women's/Young Men's Album)
25.) Be Still
A Solo about the perfect assurance that our Savior knows every trial we pass through and how He is always there in love and mercy to visit His people in their afflictions
26.) Home Again
An eight minute Solo or Duet presentation, which says it all: the whole purpose we were sent to this earth, the comfort and help we can receive during life's trials, through the Savior's Atonement, and the way to return back to our Heavenly Home; originally written and performed for a stake conference setting.
27.) While I May
A Solo or Duet portraying a loving mother's emotions, regarding motherhood and her hopes and dreams for her little ones, (also found in the Relief Society Album)
28.) Forever With My Family
A new song about families for children, both young and old; and which simply expresses our desires to live together forever with our families and loved ones and the requirements for this blessing, (also in the Primary and Children's Album)
29.) Of Such Precious Worth
A lovely, simple song about out Father in Heaven's love for us and our precious worth in his sight
30.) The Lord's Prayer (Non Traditional)
A new, contemporary arrangement of the beloved text; written for solo or duet or SA women's choir
31.) I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Non Traditional)
A flowing, nontraditional setting; very suitable for duet or for ward and stake choirs, because of its ease and simplicity
32.) Jesus Is The Life of the World
A beautiful new Solo offered in both a higher and a lower key, this song about Jesus Christ and His gift of life after death will touch hearts.
33.) Come Unto Christ, The Good Shepherd
A beautiful new song inviting all to come to Christ
34.) I Pray For A Home
A beautiful new Solo offered in a lower key, this song expresses our longings for our Heavenly Home and for a loving, happy, peaceful home here on earth; and how a fullness of blessings lies in store in the Kingdom of Heaven for those who live righteously and endure to the end.
35.) Jesus Is The Life of the World
A beautiful new Solo offered in both a higher and a lower key, this song about Jesus Christ and His gift of life after death will touch hearts.
36.) Holy Places
A flowing, peaceful song to help us remain pure in an evil world
37.) Through Love, We'll Find Our Way Home
A beautiful and important message for families
38.) Jesus the Very Thought of Thee
A gentle new lds hymn arrangement for Duet Voices and Piano
39.) Enduring To The End
Are we not all pioneers too, as we strive to endure to the end during these very wicked "last days"? This song inspires us to do so. (Recording coming soon)
40.) A God of Miracles
Appropriate for any age, this song testifies of Jesus Christ and His miracles and how we can witness miracles in our own lives, through exercising our faith in Him.
41.) He Will Bring You Home
Here is a beautiful new children's song teaching about Jesus Christ's miracles and how through our faith in Him, we can still witness miracles now in our daily lives.
42.) Miracles
A song all about miracles, faith, hope and charity; teaching that true miracles are still wrought in these last days, through Jesus Christ.
43.) Jesus Christ, My Savior Lives!
Here is a lovely new solo about the Savior; suitable for sacred meeting settings.
44.) Dear Savior, Please Abide
A flowing, lyrical new song about how each of us has the need for a personal Savior