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Choir Arrangements


Choir Music for LDS and other Christian use, featuring Hymn Arrangements and Original Choral Numbers by Sharon Austad Bagley

1.) Pastoral Psalm

This Free SATB choir arrangement with piano accompaniment, flute duet, and baritone or alto solo; written for stake conference setting

2.) Simple Hymn of Service

A very concise, simple song to be sung in unison, with unity, Simple Hymn of Service teaches the salvation-saving truth that service to our fellowmen will help earn us a place in Heaven.

3.) I Pray For A Home

Original SATB with intermediate piano; written for a Stake Conference Choir and also available in SSA women's voices. Listen to the song sample in Volume One of "The Songs of Holiness Series" - So Will I Comfort You

4.) He Sent His Son

One of the most inspirational songs in the Children's Songbook; (the music written by Michael Moody and the lyrics by Mabel Jones Gabbot), this is a new, simple SATB Arrangement written for a sacrament meeting setting

5.) Blessed Am I (Mary's Song) (Christmas Choir Arrangement)

A touching new song for this Christmas and every Christmas to come; written for Women's Solo or SSA voices

6.) I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

Simple two-part Choir arrangement with intermediate piano and flute or violin solo and obbligato; written for Stake Conference setting (See Also Hymn Arrangements)

7.) Christmas Alleluia (Christmas Choir Arrangement)

A flowing, new Christmas song written for Women's SSA Voices and SATB Choir

8.) Praise To The Man

Simple two-part choir or women's choir; written for a stake Relief Society Conference (See Also Hymn Arrangements)

9.) Easter Millennial Hosanna (Easter Choir Arrangement)

An Exciting, New SATB Choir Number with Versatile Verses; One about Easter and Christ's Resurrection, and the other about the Second Coming and His Millennial Reign

10.) Silent Night (Christmas Choir Arrangement)

A beautiful, new contemporary arrangement for SATB Choir and Piano, with Flute Solo

11.) This Is Joseph

An exciting new anthem, in honor of Joseph Smith and originally performed in a Stake Relief Society Conference by a stake women's choir; available in SSA and SATB Choir Versions. Download the sheet music and the mp3 of this song for FREE

12.) Joy To The World (Christmas)

An exciting New Christmas Arrangement for Voice and Piano Keyboard

13.) That Easter Morning (Easter Choir Arrangement)

A Lovely, Refreshing Easter Song for Solo or SATB Choir and Piano

14.) Angels We Have Heard On High (Christmas)

A wonderful new Christmas Hymn arrangement

15.) Sing and Rejoice In Christ

The message of this song is simple, yet succinct; that regardless of the difficulty in our earthly tests, we have reason to sing and rejoice in Jesus Christ! A flute obbligato is included in this SATB number, with an intricate flute trio near the end.

16.) Come And Worship The Living Lord (Christmas Choir Arrangement)

A bright, new Christmas song for Solo or SATB Choir and Piano

17.) Joy Cometh In The Morning

This song was inspired early one morning by the melodious singing of songbirds. Through its lovely melody and uplifting lyrics, it bears witness of the Savior's resurrection. Although written for SATB Choir, it also works well as a solo.

18.) Christ Is Born

Though short, this choral number powerfully testifies of Jesus Christ's birth and mission. With a melodic middle section and a lovely chimes effect in the piano accompaniment, it is also found in the Christmas Album.

19.) At His Coming

The lyrics in this choir piece prompt us to ask ourselves what we will be doing at the Savior's Second Coming. Will we be pure, righteous, and prepared to be lifted up to greet Him? This choral number begins with a recitative in a minor key and then transitions into a beautiful, flowing major key melody.

20.) One Star

This song also found in the Christmas album, is a simple Choir number, which speaks of the symbolisms between Jesus Christ and the new star that lit up the hemisphere on the night of our Savior's birth. The parts are close and harmonious and the message sweet and profound.

21.) We Rejoice In Christ

An exciting, short Choral number with interesting rhythms and a tagging pattern in the chorus, this song ends with a resounding proclamation ~ that we truly do rejoice in Jesus Christ.

22.) Be Not Lukewarm

Expressing the important message ~ that we are either on the Lord's side or on the adversary's, this SATB song encourages our commitment to serve the Lord to the end of of lives, in order to gain our eternal reward.

23.) The Sweetest Story Ever Told

The sweetest story ever told truly is the story of Jesus Christ's glorious birth and His life's mission and purpose, because He came to earth for our eternal welfare. You'll feel the true spirit of Christmas with this ethereal - sounding song, which reminds us of this holiday's true meaning; while at the same time teaching about the plan of salvation. This song could be sung as a Solo, but it has been written and performed for SATB Choir. (An accomplished accompanist is required.)

24.) Did You Hear The Angels Singing

A flowing inspirational Christmas song written for SATB choir.