1.) Volume One: So Will I Comfort You
Original sacred songs to uplift the soul and to instill comfort, peace, and hope through the only true source of peace; even Jesus Christ, our Savior
2.) Volume Two: The Hope of His Glory
Touching sacred songs about home, family, the innocence of little children, the divine role of womanhood, and returning to our heavenly home, through Jesus Christ, our only hope
3.) Volume Three: Believe in Christ
Sacred songs written for CHOIRS, (SATB, Two-part, and women's voices), on the subjects of Christmas, Easter, the Atonement, the Second Coming, and on remaining true and faithful to Christ, in order to obtain a fullness of joy in His kingdom
4.) Volume Four: Be Faithful in Christ
Stirring, new sacred songs inspiring us to endure to the end by service and faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ
5.) Volume Five: We Rejoice in Christ
Songs of rejoicing, testimony, and gratitude to praise the Lord and help us find true joy each day, through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
6.) Volume Six: May Christ Lift Thee Up
Peaceful songs of comfort about life after death and reunion with loved ones, through Jesus Christ's resurrection
7.) Volume Seven: His Hand is Stretched Out Still
Tender sacred songs about purity, repentance, hope, and the love and mercy of our Father in Heaven and our Redeemer