1.) My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Clara W. McMaster's melodic, original song about our Heavenly Father's love, (found in the Children's Songbook), this is a lovely, flowing Piano Solo Arrangement suitable for sacrament meeting performance
2.) He Sent His Son
One of the most inspirational songs in the Children's Songbook; (the music written by Michael Moody and the lyrics by Mabel Jones Gabbot), this is a new, simple SATB Arrangement written for a sacrament meeting setting
3.) Come And Be Baptized
An Original Sacred Art Song for Voice and Piano
4.) Constant Companion
For Voice and Piano, this inspiring song is about the priceless gift of the Holy Ghost and the wonderful blessings we receive as we remain worthy of his constant companionship.
5.) Please Bless The Children
An original Art Song for Voice and Piano with Violin Obbligato, (and which has been performed in a Stake Conference setting), this piece's lyrics are expressed in the form of a prayer; pleading with the Lord to watch over our little ones and to protect them from the harm and evil surrounding them in this wicked world.
6.) Jesus Loves the Precious Little Children
A tender, original song about the importance of Jesus' little ones and our roles in teaching and protecting them
7.) Nowhere Else On Earth
A happy, new song, inspiring love and unity within our families. Listen to little 4 year old Lindsy Sue singing this delightful song, which could be used in the Primary Sacrament Meeting Presentation. Keep in mind that you will need to get it approved by your Bishop, prior to using it. You can download the mp3 and sheet music for free, so he can listen to it and see it.).
8.) Away In A Manger (Cradle Song) (Christmas)
A new arrangement in Duet version ~ of one of everyone's favorite Christmas songs
9.) I Have a Little Gospel Light
Here is a delightful, new arrangement of a favorite primary song for children of all ages.
10.) One Bright Star (Christmas)
This bright little song tells of the first Christmas star and its mission to help announce Jesus' birth by illuminating the sky and how we can magnify our mission here on earth and be a shining light to others, by following the example of Jesus Christ.
11.) I Know Who I Am
This is the first song in a series of children's songs teaching self worth; the most important realization a child can come to, in order to stand strong in these latter days.
12.) For A Moment
A sweet, peaceful funeral song; bringing comfort in the loss of a baby or young child
13.) I Must Live Who I Really Am
Another song teaching self worth and the importance of preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
14.) Happy Birthday, Your True Worth Day
A bright little birthday song with a catchy tune; bearing a message of self worth
15.) I'm a Royal Princess
A song teaching self worth; specifically written for God's daughters
16.) Forever With My Family
A song that goes along perfectly with 2014's Primary theme
17.) A God of Miracles
Here is a beautiful new children's song teaching about Jesus Christ's miracles and how through our faith in Him, we can still witness miracles now in our daily lives.(Recording coming soon)
18.) My Temple
Our bodies are gifts from our Father in Heaven and we are to be faithful stewards over them. Here is a song to teach children these truths.