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Gospel Topics for So Will I Comfort You

Each song in the So Will I Comfort You album has gospel topics. The following is a list of each song and its corresponding gospel topics

Christ's Love For Me : Atonement of Christ, Answers to prayer, Broken Heart, Burdens, Christ, Christ's love, Comfort, Contrite spirit, Cleansed from sin, Deliverance from death, Enduring to the end, Eternal life, Faith, Father in Heaven, Father's will, Following Jesus, Friend (Jesus, our truest), God's love, Grace of God, Guidance, Healing, Heartache taken away, Heavenly Father, Humility, Infinite Atonement, Intercession of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Keeping covenants and commandments, Lamb of God, Love of God, Love of the Savior, Mercy of the Lord, Obedience, Pain, Peace, Pleadings, Prayer, Redeemer, Repentance, Resurrection, Returning to God's presence, Sacrament, Sacrifice, Salvation, Savior, Sins paid for, Sorrow taken away, Soul fed, Trials, Yearnings

Living Waters : Christ's Atonement, God's love, Heavenly blessings, Inspiration, Jesus Christ, Joy, Living water, Mercy, Needs, Obedience, Pain (relief from), Peace, Relief from sorrow and pain, Sorrow, (relief from), Serving the Lord, Scripture study, Spirit of the Lord

Answers : Answers to prayer, Atonement, Believing in God, Being still, Blessings, Childlike faith, Charity, Choices, Comfort, Confidence in the Lord, , Enduring, Faith, Faithfulness, Fasting, Guidance, God’s Spirit, God’s will, Hardships, Heavenly rewards, Holy Ghost, Honoring God, Honor of God, Humility, Jesus Christ, Joy, Keeping the commandments, Kingdom of God, Listening, Living Prophets, Obedience, Patience, Peace, Pleading, Prayer, Promised blessings, Promptings, Prophets, Repentance, Scripture study, Serving others, Spirit of the Lord, Still small voice, Temple service, Trials, Tribulation, Trust in God, Virtue, Will of God,

God Still Rules The Heavens : Being valiant, Blind, Better world, Challenged mentally, Childless, Children, Deaf, Death, Enduring to the end, Faith, Faithfulness, Family, Fulfilled promises, God rules the heavens, God’s will, Gratitude, Jesus Christ, Joy, Keeping the commandments, Lame, Little ones, Marriage, Obedience, Promises fulfilled, Resurrection, Reunion with loved ones, Ruler of the heavens, Savior, Savior’s way, Serving God, Stalwartness, Temple blessings, Trials, Trust in God, Unable to marry, Withheld blessings

I Pray For A Home : Beauty, Compassion, Christ like service, Enduring to the end, Exaltation, Faith, Family, Father in Heaven, Forever families, Forgiveness, Fullness of blessings, God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s spirit, Gospel Precepts, Gospel teachings, Gospel plan, Guidance, Gracious words, Happiness, Hearts broken, Heaven, Heaven’s guidance, Heavenly home, Home, Honesty, Honoring spouses and children, Jesus Christ, Keeping the commandments, Keeping gospel precepts, Kindness, Love at home, Love of God, Music (peaceful), Obedience, Patience, Peace, Peaceful music, Precepts of the gospel, Prayer, Purity, Sanctuary (home), Service, Strength in the Lord, Trust in the Lord, Trusting each other, Truth

Give Christ Your Burdens : Being of good cheer, Burdens, Cheerfulness, Comfort, Faith, Favored of the Lord, Fears eased, God’s love, Good cheer, Harmed by others, Jesus Christ, Jesus’ Atonement, Keeping the commandments, Lifting up your heart, Love of God, Nearness of the Lord, Never forsaken, Obedience, Offended by others, Peace, Sadness, Savior’s love, Savior’s words, Sorrows known, Strengthening weaknesses, Suffering, Tears, Weaknesses strengthened

Promise of Peace : Anguish, Answers, Darkness (worldly), Endurance, Evils of the world, Faith, Fear, (worldly), Fulfilling life, God’s guidance, God’s Holy House, God’s love, God’s plan, God’s solace, God’s spirit, Healing through Christ, Humility, Jesus’ Atonement, Jesus Christ, Jesus’ love, Joy, Love of God poured upon us, Love of God, Love of Christ, Obedience, Needs known, New tomorrow, Never ignored by the Lord, Pain (peace amidst), Peace, Plan of God, Power beyond our own, Prayer, Promise of peace, Refuge, Savior, Jesus Christ, Sorrow, Strength beyond our own, Upheaval (worldly)

Constant Companion : Building faith, Being righteous, Comfort, Constant Companion, Enlightenment, Faith, Gift of the Holy Ghost, Guidance, Holy Ghost, Inspiration, Jesus Christ, Joy, Knowledge, Love of God, Love of the Savior, Listening to the Holy Ghost, Mind enlightened, Obedience to commandments, Peace, Promptings, Protection, Pure love of Christ, Righteousness, Safety, Savior, Jesus Christ, Savior's love, Testifier of our Savior, Testifier of the truth, Warnings

No Greater Friends : Answers, Child of God, Comfort, Father in Heaven, Feelings of inadequacy, Friendless, Friends (The Lord and Jesus Christ), God's love, God's spirit, Heaven, Heavenly home, Jesus' Atonement, Jesus Christ, Jesus' love, Knowing Jesus, Love of God, Love of the Savior, Loneliness, Peace, Prayer, Rejection, Sense of worth, Solace, Spirit child of the Father, Spirit of God, Sufferings of Christ, Succor, Son of God, True identity, Wounded souls, Worth of the soul

Be Still : Affliction, Being of good cheer, Being still, Cheerfulness, Comfort, Christ (words of), Christ (visits his people), Earthly trials, Endurance, Faith, Guidance, Healing, Inspiration, Jesus Christ, Lifting up your heart, Love of Christ, Light of Christ, Listening to the spirit, Lord's love, Lord's mercy, Mercy of the Lord, Nearness of the Lord, Obedience, Omniscience of God and Jesus Christ, Pain, Patience, Peace, Prayer, Repentance, Sanctification, Savior's light, Savior's love, Tests, Trials, Trust in the Lord

Send Down Thy Spirit : Answers, Comfort, Christ, Christ's example, Discernment, Enduring, Faith, Following Christ's example, Following Jesus, God's plan, God's spirit, God's will, Guidance, Holy Ghost, Heavenly Guidance, Inspiration, Jesus Christ, Jesus lighting the way, Listening to the spirit, Obedience, Overcoming weaknesses, Peace, Prayer, Recognizing the spirit, Repentance, Sanctification, Savior, Spirit of God, Son of God, Still Small voice, Strength of God, Tests, Trials, Trust in God, Weaknesses Strengthened, Will of the Lord, Wisdom, Understanding

Humble Prayer : Atonement of Christ, Burdens lightened, Christ's Atonement, Comfort, Eternal joy, Eternal life, Eternal love, Faith, Father in Heaven, Fulfillment, God's forgiveness, Gods' grace, God's kindness, God's mercy, God's spirit, Gratitude, Guidance of the Lord, Healing, Hope, Humility, Jesus Christ, Joy, Life (Jesus is the), Light (Jesus is the), Lightened burdens, Lord's goodness, Love of God, Love of Christ, Obedience, Peace, Pleadings, Prayer, Savior, Sin, Solace, Son of God, Spirit of God, Truth (Jesus is the), Trust in the Lord, Truth (Jesus is the), Understanding, Way (Jesus is the), Weaknesses

Upon The Wings of His Spirit : Atonement of Christ, Being faithful, Confidence in the Lord, Christ, Clear vision, Confidence in the Lord, Deliverance from evil, Evil (deliverance from), Faith, Father in Heaven, God's precepts, God's will, Gospel Precepts, Guidance, Heavenly inspiration, Jesus Christ, Living the gospel, Nephi (May I be blessed as was), Obedience, Peace, Prayer, Renewed soul, Repentance, Salvation, Sanctification, Savior, Savior's Atonement, Sorrows lifted, Souls renewed, Spirit of God, Strengthened in weaknesses, Sufferings of Christ, Temptation, Trust in God, Weaknesses, Will of God

Pastoral Psalm : Affliction, Atonement of Christ, Blessings, Christ our shepherd, Comfort, Death (deliverance from), Deliverance from evil, Deliverance from strife, Eternal life, Faith, Fearing no evil, God's goodness, Goodness of God, God's mercy, Guidance, House of God, Heaven, Jesus Christ, Joy, Love of God, Living righteously, Obedience, Oppression, Peace, Redeeming Lord, Savior, Shepherd (Christ our)

Through The Prince of Peace : Afflictions, Atonement of Christ, Christ, Christ's Atonement, Christ's love, God's love, Healing, Holy ghost, Heartaches banished, Jesus Christ, Joy, Love of Christ, Love of God, Needs met, Peace, Prince of peace, Son of God, Sorrows cease, Soul renewed, Trials, Tribulations, Strengthened through Christ